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Instagram- The Millennial New Addiction

The modern era presents us with a huge collection of innovative creations that makes lives more interesting for men and women. Well, we all know that people are getting engaged and busy in their hectic schedules. So, to get a break from boredom it is important to get yourself amused into something entertaining that assists in having a relishing time.

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When we are talking about fun and entertainment element, then some of the sources initially clicks in mind like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and even so on. Apart from all these sources, there is an incredible creation that comes in front of people that attract high traffic in a short while that is named” Instagram.”

  1. Introduction to a new addiction- Instagram!

 On 6th October 2010, the amazing creation of Instagram was launched in front of the media. The name Instagram is derived from the combination of instant and telegram. It is that social media application that gathers the world’s most popular celebs and even more than 1 billion people on its platform in a short period. Instagram is basically defined as a photo-sharing social networking application that entitles people to add filters and edit photos and even short videos that they can share with their followers.

  • The journey of Instagram on the roads of prosperity

Instagram is considered as a magical pill that completely changes the form of photo sharing and photography. Initially, Instagram entered in the AppStore of the well-established company apple. The main purpose of Instagram is only to makes photo sharing and editing fast, simple, and beautiful in a well-effective manner. In the era of 21st century, Instagram is considered the most desirable as well as one of the addictive applications for the younger generation.

  • Do you know whose innovative mind is behind this incredible creation of Instagram?

The man behind this particular intriguing app is Kevin Systrom, who invested and created Instagram. Kevin Systrom is the CEO and founder of Instagram, who was born on 30th December 1983. His mother was the marketing executive of Zipcar, and his father was the president of the HR department of the TJX company. Due to that, he has a great interest in computer programming and photography. After that, Kevin decided to work on his interest in photography and photo sharing. By preceding, he started to invest his mind in launching an application named burbn, which is a combination of foursquare and Flickr. It is an application by which people can sharing their photos as per their locations.

After a few years, Kevin fraunce told him that she would not use his app ever because it will not take the best photos of them as his friends do. In addition, she suggested adding more filters in it that effectively beautify the photos. Then, Kevin worked on it and added amazing filters in the application and launched it on the night of 6 October 2010 in the spotlight of media.

  • Record-breaking achievements

According to research, it was found that Instagram is downloaded by more than 25000 people within 24 hours of its launch. Most of the people attracted by Instagram ass it is the best application where they can easily beautify their pictures with its incredible filters. Moreover, the thing that impresses huge traffic is that people have to only follow other’s accounts without sharing their personal details and sharing their photos. The great achievement gained by Instagram after 9 months when they gain ground-breaking record with 7 million users. In addition, among these 7 million users, there are world’s famous stars like Justin Bieber, and even many more are also included that inspires many other commoners to join this application.

In this way, Instagram speedily flies in the sky of growth and gain love from millions of people. Now, it is the most trending and desirable application on which youngsters spend most of the time.

  • Pros of Instagram

Well, Instagram is surely one of the hyped social media platforms that present you with multiple pros. We are below present you with the listing of some of them, so consider taking a look within them.

 ● helping hand to businesses

Promotion – Instagram gives a great contribution to the growth process of the commercial sector. As it becomes one of the best advertising sources for businesses to promote the products and services at the global level. Well, we all know that Instagram is the high-traffic application nowadays; thus, it is the best source to grow the businesses at the global stage.

Get Target Audience – As we all know that Instagram gains the highest traffic in the world. Thus, it offers the best opportunity for businesses to easily target the audience. Businesses can attract high traffic by posting alluring photos of their goods and services that allure people towards their company.

Engagement with new people–Businesses can connect every day with new customers and other business ventures. As there are millions of new people, commercial companies, and even many more joining Instagram every day. As a result, businesses can increase their audience traffic and grab the golden opportunities by connecting with new peoples.

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Worthwhile playact for students

Gain through fun –Instagram offers an incredible opportunity to gain package of knowledge easily with fun facts. Instagram offers creative content by including fun facts so that students can easily understand and clear their difficult concepts.

Upgrade linguist proficiency–Instagram is the best platform for students to learn an everyday new thing as well as for boosting linguistic skills. One will find a huge number of pages on Instagram that offers informative and creative content that help students in their academic and motivate them.

 ● Fruitful platform to make money

There are many people who start their career from Instagram and change their lifestyle from a Backstreet to Millionaire. Instagramspring out the hidden talent of many people and show it to the whole world and give them real fame to their talent, which they actually deserve.

  • Premium Tip: As we all know, Instagram is a photo-sharing application, and it is its biggest advantage as well as a disadvantage for people. All in all, an individual must have to describe themselves through their creative and captivating photos so that it can attract high traffic.

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