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What is Instagram – Things you are missing on it!!!

The 21st century is full of innovative technological creations. These creations gives great contribution to make the world fast and smooth for people. As per current trend, social media is the one that takes first priority from all other technological creations. Social media presents wide collection of alluring applications with incredible features including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and even many others.

All these social networking platforms works well in their fields but there is an app was found that is leaving everyone behind and is moving fast towards the path of success. As we all know that previously there was a time of Facebook then on people move forward to Snapchat and now there is a buzz of Instagram is prevailing among 21st century. In addition that social networking platform is known as Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a worldwide famous online social networking platform of photo sharing and photography. The word “Instagram” was born with combination of two words instant and telegram. It is an American application which is launched by Kevin Systrom on 6 October, 2010. Kevin Systrom add captivating features and filters in the development of Instagram that speedily attract high traffic.

On cloud nine moment

 It is said that Instagram gain 25k+ downloaders within 24 hours after its launch. The great achievement earned by Instagram when it gain 7 million users only in 9 months. After seeing the growing demand for Instagram, various reputed entrepreneurs offer handsome deals to Kevin Systrom with regards to buy it. Lastly, Kevin accepted golden deal of $1 billion by Mark Zuckberg and Mark owned Instagram in the year of 2012. Nevertheless, even now Instagram works as an independent company.

Attractive features of Instagram

  • Photo editing: Instagram has incredible feature of photo editing that easily beautify the photo and give it an attractive look.
  • Filters: Instagram enriches with incredible number of filters and effects that makes the photos much more beautiful and attractive. There are huge number of brands that use effective filters in the videos to make it viral worldwide.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags has a great contribution to reach at target market and categorizing the different posts. It is evaluated that near about 95 million photos are posted everyday on the platform of Instagram. As a consequence of that hashtags assist to deliver the right content to the right person.
  • Location indication: It is the best feature of Instagram that helps many businesses to engage everyday with new customers. It was found that post with location tagged gain higher engagement as compared to post without tagged location.
  • Stories: Instagram stories are  the best feature for business marketers and famous celebrities to remain on top list of audience. Users comes everyday with a new and attractive story to get in touch with higher number of people

 Big-break Opportunities to different sectors

  • Instagram – Source of deep pockets

It is reported that Instagram is one of the most trending social media platform where one will find highest number of active users. The reason behind of getting high traffic is its features. Moreover it offers great chance to people of easily earning money on Instagram. There are mainly three ways of earning money from Instagram that are increasingly get popular across the whole world such as:

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  • One can earn money by working as an influencer. It is a kind of process in which people sponsored the products of other companies by posting content and then these companies pay amount to influencers.
  • Second way of earning money is affiliate marketing. In this process one will sell products of other people through their different strategies like posting attractive videos, photos even many more on Instagram.
  •  Thirdly it is a great platform for entrepreneurs to sell and promote their own products across the whole world through amazing features of Instagram.
  • Good turn platform for celebrities and fans

When Instagram was launched, no single celeb and business brands even thought that this Instagram named app was given to them worldwide fame and popularity. Nowadays, Instagram becomes magical magnet pill for celebs and business brands that can attract high traffic towards them. Celebs post daily basis stories and share their best moments with their fans that helps them to connect with the people of all over the world. Instagram is the best platform where celebs can expose their talent more creatively and beautifully.

  • Build up the reach

There are huge number of people who can expand their reach and exposed themselves beautifully through Instagram. It is the best platform for introverts who cannot connect with number of people in the real life but they can connect easily with number of people. People can expand their reach as far as they want by posting alluring content and photos and connect with worldwide people.

Focus Points

Why followers are important for Instagram?

As the nervous system important for human body similarly followers are important for Instagram. Followers performs an significant role in Instagram as the one who will have more followers can get high traffic on its profile and connect with the people of worldwide. In addition, people with higher number of followers can also get high likes and comments on their uploads.

How can you make attractive profile?

There are some aspects which one will remember to make attractive profile on Instagram such as add theme in profile. It is significant for every user to add particular theme as per the motive of their profile so that people can easily connect with them. It is a best key to gain more followers and high traffic on their profile. There are some popular themes which one will select as per their interests and choose that theme which attractively represent their profile such as Lifestyle, cooking, technology, fashion and even many more.

  • Bonus tip: The real motive of every social media platform is to be made yourself social. All in  all, the one who will attractively represent themselves in front of the world can grab the opportunity of getting high fame or interaction with high traffic. Thus, represent yourself beautifully as best you can through your photos or stories.

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